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Account verification

I have not used real player in some time. I am able to log into real player plus to utilize the advanced equalizer. I wanted to update my info on the account but in order to do this, I need to verify the email on the account. I no longer have access to that email. What can I do? This is the only process i have been able to access support, but it appears as if I'm posting to a community board, which has nothing to do with my issue nor will a public board be able to reset my email if that's what needs to be done. Now I'm remembering why I stopped using real player in the first place.

David Smith

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For security reasons, we do not request our customers to post personal information like email address in a public community forum. Since you are facing trouble verifying your old email address, kindly provide both old and new email address so that we can update it from our end.

Note: Make sure the new email address is not registered with RealTimes.


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