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Refund Request

Hi, Yesterday I had a problem with my real player 16 and after following online advice here I have purchased real player 18 by mistake.

I have spoken to PayPal regarding my error and they advised me to ask you for a refund.  When I first spoke to PayPal (15 minutes after I made my error) they said I hadn't been charged and seeing as my old real player had not been updated (I didnt get the upgrade) i wasnt too worried. However i notice today I have been charged £17.50. 

I now have no real player at all. I have lost my real player 16 as it has disappeared and I have no real player 18 either (even though I've been charged). Please could I have my real player 16 back and a refund for my unwanted real player 18.

I apologise for any error on my part, I trust I will be refunded.

The PayPal transaction number is. 7RB67404DY297542

Thank you

Nicola Morris


Nicola Morris

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I've sent a message to the email address associated with your account. Please check your Inbox.

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