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This page stopped responding the first time I tried this . I am getting two popups all the time about program errors . I was having trouble with Malwarebytes also . Their tech Support said they come from a corrupted file in RealPlayer . I uninstalled RealPlayer and installer it again but that hasn't helped .I noticed that if I have RealPlayer open when I get either of these error messages that when I close the message the RealPlayer icon in the tray blinks of and on again . I like RealPlayer so I paid for it and now I might have to delete it if this can't be fixed . These are the problem .   .

William Haneghan Jr.

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Please try the following solution:

1. Uninstall RealPlayer as explained here: Uninstall and reinstall RealPlayer on Windows

2. Next, delete the RealPlayer application folders as explained here: Delete the RealPlayer application folders (clean uninstall)

3. Now run the following Microsoft Fix-it program:

4. Restart your PC.

5. Download a fresh copy of RealPlayer by visiting:

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