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Upgrade to Premium 2 or 7.75 GB, or reactivate my previous Premium Plan on 365 GB


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  • Sean

    During the upgrade, you will not lose your existing storage capacity 7.75 GB. If you upgrade to RealTimes Premium subscription, you will get additional 25 GB of Cloud Space (so totally 32.75 GB). Unfortunately, the 365 GB plan has been withdrawn and it is not possible to reactivate it.

    Refer this link for current pricing:

    Note: I wanted to let you know that we have edited your original post to remove your email address to protect your privacy. We do recommend that you refrain from posting personal information in a public Community forum.

  • Earl Sr

    I currently have 25 GB with my current plan. Is there any plan that offers a greater storage capacity or any way to transfer my existing items into a cloud storage space


  • RN Support

    We don't have any other storage plans. Our only storage plan for now is RealTimes Premium that comes with 25G of Cloud storage. You can always bulk download your content and upload it to another Cloud storage of your choice.

    Here are the instructions to bulk download from your existing RealCloud.


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