Download all photos and videos from RealCloud

I want to download a bunch of videos from my cloud storage--is there a way to download them all at once?

Yes! First, install our bulk download tool by clicking here. Follow your browser's prompts to complete the installation.

Note: this tool can be used only on a PC running Windows 7 or higher. If you do not have a PC, you can download files one at a time on your Android or iOS device.

Once installation is complete, the tool will automatically open a small window on your screen. Next, follow these instructions:

1. Sign in with your RealTimes login credentials.

2. By default, the photos and videos in your RealCloud will be downloaded to a folder on your computer's desktop. The folder's name will be your username. However, you can choose a different location for this folder if you prefer, by clicking Browse.

3. Click Download.

4. The tool will begin downloading all of the content in your RealCloud storage. (There is no option to choose specific files for download.) If the download is interrupted for any reason, simply open the tool again to resume the download--it will pick up where it left off.

5. When the download is finished, you can either close the window or click View Files to open the folder containing the downloaded files.

Getting an error?

.NET Framework 4 -- occurs for some Windows 7 users

If this happens to you:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your language.
  3. Click Download, and follow the prompts.

"Console is undefined" -- occurs for Windows 7 users on Internet Explorer 9. If this happens to you, try again using a different browser as your default browser to run the tool.

Download button is grayed out -- Check your RealCloud storage space by signing into Account Settings; if the total storage is equal to the available storage, then you have no files stored in the Cloud, so there is nothing for you to download.

Can't sign in to the tool?

You may need to delete and reset your RealPlayer cookie by following these steps:

1. If RealPlayer is open, close it.

2. On your keyboard: Hold down the Windows key and press the letter R.

3. In the Run box that opens, type %appdata%

4. Click OK.

5. Double-click the Real folder.

6. Double-click the RealPlayer folder.

7. Right-click the cookies.txt file.

8. Select Delete.

9. Close the window.

10. Start RealPlayer.

11. Sign in to create a new cookie file.

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