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    RN Support


    I've sent you an email. We'll take it from there.

  • Michell

    I've sent a message to the email address associated with your account. Please respond and we'll go from there.

  • Anthony Brun

    Really I also paid for a Lifetime version of Realplayer Plus 16 an can't get Support on the Phone anymore because of the New Realplayer Times WTF I need to speak with someone like ASAP so please get a hold of me

  • Naga


    I've sent a message to the email address associated with your account. Please respond and we'll go from there.

  • Vince null

    Hello,  I paid for realplayer Plus and now I cant even download clops. Have tried to reinstall but it still says UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD....not happy.

    vince weatherley  

  • Jason

    Vince, we are aware of this issue and our Technical Department is investigating. Once we have an update on the status of this issue, we will let you know.

    Until it is fixed, try the following instructions.

    1. Right-click on the RealTimes icon in the taskbar next to the system clock and choose Download Videos.

    2. Copy and paste the URL of the video you want to download and click the arrow.

    3. Alternately, you can click “Restart RealDownloader” in the RealTimes icon available in the taskbar next to the system clock.

    4. Follow instructions from

    5. Try downloading videos using alternate browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox

    I’m sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you and want you to know that we appreciate your business.

  • Bessie M Burney

    I have realplayer plus but i can not burn a CD for my music.  When I view the My version does not say realplayer plus, it just says realplayer 18....

    I paid for plus.  please assist.

  • Prasanth

    Hello Bessie, 

    On checking our records, I see that you have purchased RealPlayer 16 plus. Please note that we are no longer making any updates to RealPlayer Cloud, RealPlayer 16, or prior versions, so some features (such as Download This Video) may not work on these versions.

    We always recommend using our most current version, which is RealTimes. The PC version of RealTimes is compatible with Windows 10 and includes the Download This Video feature for the new Edge browser. In the following article you can find out more information about our latest RealPlayer Version:

    Although customers who purchased RealPlayer 16 Plus continued to enjoy their Plus features at no extra charge when we released RealPlayer Cloud, in the new RealTimes these features are available only with a Premium or Unlimited subscription. A subscription unlocks many more features than just the Plus features!

    Read more about features and pricing:

    If you wish to reinstall the previous version(RealPlayer Cloud), you can do so from this page:

    Then, all you need to do to activate your Plus features is sign in. (However, you would not be able to take advantage of our cool new features, or get any updates for features like Download This Video.) If for some reason the additional software components do not install when you sign in, you'll need to take an extra step. At the top of your RealPlayer, if you are signed in, you should see your account name. Click on that, and then click "Activate RealPlayer." This should prompt the extra components to install, giving you access to DVD burning, MP3 CD burning, Cleaner, etc.

  • null null

    I try to get plus which I had on my old computer.When I try to sign up again I get told I have it but I don't.

    try to purchase it again I can't

    what is going on?

    bob miller

  • Anthony Brun

    bob miller please do this step by step


    1. Uninstalling RealPlayer v16

    2. Your computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program File (x??) > Real

    3. Delete Real Folder

    4. Restart Desktop/Laptop

    5. Reinstall RealPlayer v16 

    6. Check for Updates Do RealPlayer & Other Software " Don't get Update to RealPlayer with RealTimes

    7. Sign-In an Install Plus Features

    I hope this Help's you bob miller


  • RN Support


    I've sent you an email. We'll take it from there.


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