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problem after high def upgrade, images poor,pixels

upgraded this weekend the high def program. the video quality is poor pixel-like exposure. adjusted the cpu, and video card the audio is fine. do you have any suggestions

thomas williams

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problem remains the same, would prefer to speak to a tech directly  before i cancel

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I'm sorry to hear the issue persists.

We currently offer support in this online Community and over email.

Please perform a clean reinstall of RealPlayer by following the steps below.

1. Uninstall the player as per: Uninstall and reinstall RealPlayer on Windows

2. Now delete the RealPlayer folders as explained here: Delete the RealPlayer application folders (clean uninstall)

3. Restart your PC.

4. Download a fresh copy of RealPlayer free by visiting:

5. Finally, sign back in to enable the Plus features - see: Signing in to RealPlayer

Now check if the issue is solved.

I hope this helps.

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