Using Download This Video in Google Chrome, Edge, and Firefox

I can't see the Download This Video button in Firefox, Edge,  or Chrome. How can I download videos?

Instead of a "Download This Video" button appearing just above the video you're watching, in Firefox, Edge, and Chrome, the downloader appears as a small drop-down button at the top of the browser whenever there is a downloadable video on the page you are viewing; depending on your version of RealPlayer this button will be either a solid blue, or will show a thumbnail of the video with an orange stripe above it:


Just hover your mouse over the top center of your browser window, then click the button that drops down and follow the instructions. To see a quick demo of how this works, take a minute to watch this video:

If you're using the latest version of RealPlayer and a 32-bit browser, but you do not see the download drop-down button, restart the downloader process:

1. Click the arrow icon near the bottom right of your monitor screen to open the system tray.

2. Click the RealPlayer icon.

3. Select Restart RealDownloader.

Then, close and re-open your browser. You should be able to download videos again.

Firefox users: The new version of the Firefox browser allows users to customize where the elements at the top of the browser appear. If you have customized your browser to move any other element (such as the search) to the left of the address bar (where you type in a URL), then the new Download This Video drop-down button will not find any videos to download. The solution is to move the address bar back to the left. 

Windows 8 users:

- "Download This Video" works when browsing in Desktop Mode only, not Metro Mode. 

- If there is more than one user account on the PC that uses Download This Video, be sure to log out of the first user's account before logging into the second user's. If you "Switch user" instead of logging out, the Download This Video drop-down button will not appear for the second user.

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