Burning to a CD with RealPlayer

How do I burn to a CD or MP3 CD with RealPlayer (RealTimes)?

With RealPlayer, a Windows PC, and a CD-R, you can create custom audio CDs that can be played on standard CD players; or create custom data CDs with copies of media files from your music library. (CD burning is not available on RealPlayer for Mac users.)

If you have a RealTimes Premium or Unlimited subscription, or RealPlayer Plus, you can also access such premium features as Crossfade and MP3 CD-burning.

How to Burn Your Own CD

  1. In your Library, under Music, select a song or songs. You can add or change songs later.
  2. Click Burn. The CD Burner page will open.
  3. Insert a blank disc into your recordable CD drive.
  4. Click Select CD Type to choose whether to make an Audio CD, an MP3 CD, or a Data CD. The "Select CD Type" dialog opens, and explains these types for you.
  5. Click Add Tracks from the Library. A navigable Library pane opens. Browse for songs.
  6. Build your burn list. Select a song or songs and click Add Selected to CD to queue for burning. The selected songs are displayed in the queue with a Ready to Burn status.
  7. To view or change the default options and CD Text, click Edit Options. The "CD Options" dialog presents preferences based on the CD Type you selected (Audio, MP3, or Data). Click OK when you are satisfied with the preferences and CD Text.
  8. Click Burn Your CD. RealPlayer begins burning your disc. Your disc will be ejected when the burning is complete.

NOTE: CD-RW discs can also be used to create data CDs; due to changing technology used in CD devices, however, not all CD players will have the ability to play back music burned on CD-RWs. (If you do use a CD-RW, any existing content on the disc will be automatically erased during the burn process, before the new content is burned onto it.)

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