Unable to download RealPlayer DVD Burn plugin

Why am I unable to download the DVD Burn plugin for RealPlayer (RealTimes)?

If you are running Windows Vista or higher, then check that your User Account Control has been enabled:

1. Open the Start menu and select Control Panel.
2. Select User Accounts.
3. Click Turn User Account Control On or Off.
4. Make sure the check box here is selected. (In Windows 7 or 8, use the slider to adjust the UAC settings.)
5. Restart the computer.

You then need to install and run RealPlayer as the Administrator in order to download and use the DVD Burn plugin.

1. Right-click the RealPlayer icon.
2. Select Run As Administrator to launch the player as the administrator.

If that is not the issue, then it's likely that a firewall is blocking the plugin download. For solutions, see Configuring RealTimes/RealPlayer to work with a firewall.

* DVD burning is available only on RealPlayer for Windows systems.

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