'Data rate too high' when burning a DVD

I keep getting a "data rate too high" error when burning a DVD. What can I do?

You may receive this error if you are trying to burn a clip with Dolby Audio and the VideoBurnPlus plugin didn't install correctly. Because of this, the audio stream goes out as PCM instead of Dolby, which causes RealPlayer (RealTimes) to exceed the bitrate limit for DVD and results in the error message.

After encountering this error:

1. Close the application, then re-launch it.
2. In RealPlayer 16 or earlier: Select the Burn tab.
    In RealTimes: Click Burn in the left menu and insert a DVD.
3. The additional plugins you need should install at this point.
4. Restart RealPlayer.
5. Try your burn again; it should work.

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