'Transcode Exceeds maximum file size of volume' error when burning DVD

Why did I get a "Transcode Exceeds maximum file size of volume" error when trying to burn a DVD?

This error message indicates that the file system format doesn't support the size of cache file RealPlayer needs when preparing to write the DVD. Generally, this occurs on older computers when the size of the file is near the maximum supported by RealPlayer (120 minutes). Files more than 70 minutes long typically require a cache greater than 4 GB.

To verify whether the file system format is what's causing the problem, check your disk properties:

1. Windows 10: Click the Windows folder in the task bar, then click This PC.
    Windows Vista, 7, or 8: Click the Windows Start button, then click Computer.
    Windows XP: From your desktop, double-click My Computer to open it.

2. Right-click on the C: drive and select Properties from the menu that pops up.

3. Check the File System format. If the File System is listed as "FAT32" then your system has a 4 GB cache limit. If the File System is "NTFS" then you don't have a cache limit.

Disk Properties File System

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