Adding playlists to an MP3 CD in RealPlayer

How do I add playlists to the MP3 CD I'm creating in RealPlayer (RealTimes)?

When you burn tracks (clips) to an MP3 CD in RealPlayer, you can create playlists based on the artist/album clip info for the files that you're planning to burn.

Because burning an MP3 CD is a premium feature, make sure you are signed in before you begin.
After inserting a blank CD into your CD drive, follow these steps to add playlists to your MP3 CD:

1. Open RealPlayer, and make sure you're signed in.
2. In RealPlayer 16 or earlier: Select the Burn tab and choose CD Burner in the Current Burner drop-down list.
    In RealTimes/RealPlayer Cloud: Click CD/DVD in the left menu and click the Burn a CD link.
3. In the left pane, click (1) Select CD Type, choose MP3 CD, then click OK.
4. Click (2) Add Tracks from My Library.
5. Click (3) Edit Options button, then one of these MP3 CD Playlist Options:
- Create playlists based on the artist's name
- Create playlists based on the artist and album name
6. Click OK.
 7. Click the Burn Your CD button to begin.

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