Asked to upgrade when converting files

What files can I convert with RealPlayer? Why does RealPlayer ask me to upgrade when I attempt to convert .MOV, AAC, MPEG4, or H.264 files?

RealPlayer can convert files in a variety of supported formats. For a complete list, see File Types in RealPlayer Converter.

In RealPlayer 18, a Plus purchase or RealTimes subscription is required only to convert MPEG-2 and VOB files.

If you are still using RealPlayer 16, then RealPlayer Plus is required to convert from the following formats (this includes converting to MP3 from one of the listed formats):

  • MOV, AAC, MPEG4, H.264
  • MPEG-2 and VOB files. (Note: RealPlayer Converter is designed to convert VOB files from home videos that have one audio track; commercial videos or videos with multiple audio tracks may not convert successfully.) Read more.
  • If you get a crash when converting a VOB file, you may have a conflict with another software program installed on your system.

If you already have a paid subscription/purchased Plus and are receiving the upgrade pop-up:

1. Make sure you are signed in to RealPlayer. To ensure that all updates are installed, we recommend signing out and then signing in again.

2. Install codec packs like K-Lite and Divx. Read this article for more information on installing codecs.

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