Crossfade songs when burning a CD

This is a Premium/Plus feature.

Crossfade allows you to play a sequence of songs that fade into one another rather than pause silently in between.

To open the Crossfade dialog, select >Tools > Crossfade.

When RealPlayer plays a series of songs, the Crossfade feature fades one into the next. The volume of each song will start to fade out as it nears its end, and the volume of the next will fade in as it starts. The two can also overlap so that the next will be fading in even as the previous is fading out.

The color bar at the top of the Crossfade window represents the decay, rise, and overlap of the volume changes:

  • Red - Fade Out
  • Purple - Overlap
  • Blue - Fade In

Use the following buttons and sliders to customize the Crossfade function:





Turns Crossfade on or off. (The indicator is green when Crossfade is turned on.)


Returns all Crossfade settings to their default values (5 seconds).


Drag the slider to set the number of seconds both songs will overlap. (Overlap time is independent of Fade In or Fade Out times.)

Note: These settings do not take into consideration any dead time (zero or low level audio) recorded at the beginning or end of the two adjacent .

Fade In

Drag the slider to set the number of seconds over which the next song will Fade In.

Fade Out

Drag the slider to set the number of seconds over which the current song will Fade Out.

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