Why you cannot burn certain media files

Insufficient Rights

The file is secured by a digital rights management system, and a license to burn to a CD or DVD is not present. Contact the website or company that provided you the file to learn how to obtain the appropriate license.

Unsupported Media Type

The file cannot be converted into the target format. For example, this would occur if RealPlayer did not have the plug-in required to convert the file into raw audio, which is required for an Audio CD.

This may also occur when trying to burn an audio-only file to DVD. RealPlayer will only burn files that contain video to a DVD, VCD, or SVCD.

Note:If the file you are attempting to burn is a .RAM file, the extension could be incorrect. Try renaming the file to have a .RM extension and then burn the file to your CD.

File Does Not Exist

The file cannot be located on your hard drive.

Duration Less than 10 Seconds

Media files less than 10 seconds long cannot be burned to a CD or DVD.

General Error

The file cannot be burned due to an unknown error.


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