What are Video CD and Super Video CD discs?

Video CD (or VCD) stands for "Video Compact Disc." It is a standard digital format for storing video onto compact discs. VCDs are playable in dedicated VCD players, nearly all personal computers, most modern DVD players, and some video game consoles. VCD displays less video resolution quality than SVCD, but holds more content per disc than SVCD.

Super Video CD (SVCD) stands for "Super Video Compact Disc." This format is essentially identical to VCD, but in terms of technical capability and image quality SVCD falls between VCD and DVD. SVCD displays less video resolution quality than DVD, but noticeably greater resolution than VCD. SVCD holds less content per disc than VCD.

Not every DVD player or disc drive can play Video CDs and Super Video CDs. Check with the manufacturer.

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