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RealPlayer Downloader

A recent update to RealTimes/RealPlayer has had a less than best effect on the Downloader.  If a video being downloaded is of 480p and 480p is the max resolution offered on a particular page, the downloader will go through the progress bar routine showing the vid is being downloaded.  But what happens after that is quite discouraging.  "Failed to Convert" message will appear with the once-blue progress bar turned grey. 

Not happy. 

The slightly older version of this had its faults, but this was not one of them. 

I had high hopes with this newer downloader since it promised to put additional vid download requests in a "queue" to make the completion of the previously ordered video downloads more reliable.

Additional vid download requests would be handled in the order received, presumably.

You didn't get all the bugs out.  Please work on a future update.

Thank you for your attention.



Jeff Milam

Official comment


The issue you're having should not be occurring if the new RealPlayer update installed correctly. Thefore, I would advise you to perform a clean reinstall of RealPlayer and then try downloading videos again:

1. Uninstall RealPlayer as explained here: Uninstall and reinstall RealPlayer on Windows

2. Delete the RealPlayer folders as shown here: Delete the RealPlayer application folders (clean uninstall)

3. Restart your PC.

4. Download a fresh copy of RealPlayer from:

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