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After upgrade to version 18 Downloader will only download one video at a time



  • Official comment
    Real CS

    In the free version of RealPlayer v.18, you can download 1 video at a time. In the paid version, you can download multiple videos.

  • Virgilio

    This is by design.

  • Larry Stoodley

    Whom ever dreamed up one at a time downloads should be shot! I can't always wait for one to download before starting another. I am not a happy camper!

  • Virgilio

    Thank you for taking the time to share your comments with us. I have forwarded your feedback to the appropriate team. Your insights and opinions will help us in our ongoing efforts to enhance our products and services.

  • G Michael

    Begin the process to download the files you wish...2-10. 

    After the first file begins downloading, the others will wait until the current file finishes and the next will then begin.

    For more that one dl at a time:

    Cancel current download, but don't delete it. the next file will begin. Cancel that one and the next will begin.

    Then go back to the canceled files and reload(try download again) button.

    You can get up to 4-6 simultaneous downloads, depending on service....



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