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Rax files won't play

 My .rax files wont play on version It says "Realplayer needs to download new software to play this clip". Then it goes through a loop of just re-installing the current version and the .rax will not play. What "software" is needed and where do I get it?

Kris Troxel

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As of October 31, 2011, Rhapsody/RealNetworks no longer support certain music files purchased before July 2008. This means that everything you've purchased from Rhapsody or RealNetworks Music Store prior to July 2008 in a .rax format needs to be burned to an audio CD. Once you take this small step, you can continue to play them on your audio CD or rip them to any format you desire and play them on your PC.

If you have any further questions about RealPlayer Music Store tracks, please contact Rhapsody Customer Support.

Real CS
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