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Real player not downloading

My realplayer window shows up and then I go to download a video then it say no videos added !   Whats up with that I am paying for this?



Mike Cormier

Official comment


I've sent you an email with instructions. Here they are once again.


Please try these steps to reinstall RealPlayer. This should resolve the download issue.

1. Go to Control Panel and uninstall RealPlayer. 
2. Go to and download and run the installer.
3. Once the Fixit program opens, click Next.
4. Select Uninstalling.
5. You will see a list of programs installed. Scroll down and look for "Video Downloader". Select that and click Next and click on "Yes, try uninstall". This will remove the application.
6. Run the Fixit program once again. (You will need to run this program a few times)
7. Follow steps 4 and remove the following programs (in the said order)
    a. RealUpdgrade 1.1
    b. RealDownloader
    c. RealDownloader
Note: You have to run Fixit each time you want to uninstall these applications.
8. Delete Real & RealNetworks folders from 
    a. C:\Program Files (x86)
    b. C:\Programdata
    c. C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming
    d. C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Local

Once you have uninstalled all of them and deleted the folders, restart your computer. Download RealPlayer from Ideally, this should install properly and you should be able to download videos again.

Real CS
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