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Makes adobe flash player not work



  • Arvin

    Please uninstall and reinstall RealPlayer. Here's how to proceed:

    Please note that RealPlayer, web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Shockwave Flash are all updated to the latest version.


  • null null

    Uninstall and reinstall Realplayer?  that is your fix?  I have all the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Flash player as well Realplayer.  All the sites worked before I installed Realplayer and stopped working after it was installed.  Taking it out makes the sites work but putting it back in they stop working.  YOUR PROGRAM SUCKS

  • null null

    When Realplayer isn't installed sites like MLBTV and ESPN work like they should.  When this version of Realplayer is installed they will crash within 10 seconds.  Your older version didn't have a problem, but it was when it updated to this version did any problem start.  So how is uninstall and reinstall going to fix it?  There has to be a problem with your program.

  • Viswanathan S

    In this case, please send me the video URL for the sites which you would like to access so that we can test from our end and let you know the status.

  • null null  any of the hi lights will crash  tests will crash  games will crash within 10 seconds

    If you need more, I could send you more but it is any that has a video on it


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