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Where are the Real Player library files located please?



  • Official comment

    By default, all videos downloaded using RealDownloader are stored in a folder called RealDownloader located in C:\Users\<Your user>\Videos.

    To transfer your files from your old PC, you would need to copy them to an external memory device (such as a usb drive or an external hard drive) and then paste them in a location on your new PC. Once you've done that, you can import them to the RealPlayer Library on your new PC by following the steps from: Files missing from Library

  • null null

    The files are NOT where you say they are. Please tell me where the files really are so I can back them up

  • RN Support

    You can locate the files by following these instructions:

    1. Open RealPlayer and go to Library

    2. Right click on the video and click Locate files

    This will open where the file is stored. 

  • Arthur R Pennanen

    i will not ask again. remove real player from my computer. i ask you to uninstall more than once. i will be calling or going to my bank and put a block on any payment that comes from you so remove yourself now  

  • RN Support

    We will not be able to remove any program installed on your computer including RealPlayer. You will have to uninstall yourself. You can do so by going to Add/Remove Programs from your Control Panel.



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