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Can't burn DVDs

I just installed Real Player 20/20 and am now getting an error message when I try to burn DVDs. It says the system doesn't have the proper decoding software for the files I'm trying to burn. But the files are all MP4s, which have never been a problem until now. I tried downloading K-Lite's latest decoding pack, but that didn't solve the problem. Even stranger, I have an older computer running an older version of RP which is now doing the same thing. But I've been able to burn DVDs successfully on both computers in the past (current computer is running Windows 10, older one is Windows 7). I'm also signed in, so it doesn't seem to be a premium-feature access issue.

John Maugans

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It is strange that both computers are doing the same. Please follow these steps and let us know how it goes.

1. Use RealConverter and convert 1 or 2 MP4s to a different video format. Convert that file back to MP4. (This will ensure the codecs are compatible with RealPlayer)

2. Burn these files and let us know how it goes.

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