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RealPlayer Tab

Question: Why is the RealPlayer tab--placed ON TOP of my browser tab?!?  There are times, depending on how many tabs that I have open--when I am unable to access my browser tab, because the RealPlayer tab is covering it!!!

Just out of curiosity--how was this idea brought about?  Did someone request a RealPlayer tab to cover their browser tab??  (Hiding a PORN window, perhaps?)

Any chance there is an option to MOVE the RealPlayer tab to a different position on the browser??  (Or better still--to the TASK BAR, out of the way?!?)

Robert DeMaree

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We are not sure we understand your question but Download This Video button is placed on a web browser (Chrome, Edge and Firefox) on the top of the window. This is by design. Currently there is no option to change where the Download This Button can be placed. This has been a request from many of our users and hence it is kept in that position. In future, we may have an option to move the Downloader button to a different location but at this time it is not available.

You can disable this from popping up in RealDownloader Preferences. You can uncheck the box.

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