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Can't sign in with Facebook

For many months when you click on Facebook from the sign in screen - a white screen pops up, behind the sign in screen, and disappears.  It does this everytime and has for at least 6 months.  I upgraded to 2020 and it has the same problem as the previous version.  If I try to login with my facebook email and password it tells me that I have an account with facebook and need to sign in with that - yet it still doesn't work.  Certainly cannot and will not consider paying for RealTimes, if I can't even sign in to the free version.

Ross Feldman

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Hi Ross,

When I select the Facebook option on the RealPlayer 20/20 Sign In window, it loads this page in the RealPlayer Browser:

Please consider the widespread reports of censorship at Facebook and determine if logging into RealPlayer is not better achieved by using RealPlayer account credentials.  I hope this information helps you move forward.

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