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Need to revert to version 16 after upgrade to 20/20

I upgraded from a very old version (16) to 20/20 yesterday but was shocked that the basic functionality that I need RealPlayer for is no longer available - ability to keep video clips private and use the private clips normally e.g. add private clips to play list -.

How do I revert to my old RealPlayer version 16. I made a big mistake thinking that 20/20 is an improvement.

The link below was provided for me to install v.16, unfortunately, it is RealPlayer 20/20 that was installed not v.16.


David Adejuyigbe

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I know this isn't real helpful now, but you should have made a system image before installing 20/20.  Then, after realizing 20/20 wasn't going to work, you could have restored your system image and been back where you were before installing 20/20.

This is a good thing to do before making any big change to your system.

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