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Realplayer Downloader

The realplayer downloader is not working.  When I enter the URL address from a YouTube video, the downloader gives me the message of "no videos ...".  The realplayer version I'm using is 2021.01.16.0.  I checked for updates and it said I was current.  

Also, how do you search for YouTube videos on Realplayer, or do you need to go to YouTube and copy/paste the URL?


Wayne Hoyt

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You do seem to have the correct version of the Downloader. If the Downloader is not able to detect the video, it is mostly likely a conflict with your firewall program. One of the component in Downloader may be blocked by your firewall program. What is the firewall program running on your PC?

Are you able to download videos if you copy and paste the URL?

You can search for YouTube videos within RealPlayer by following these steps.

  • Open RealPlayer
  • Click the RealPlayer logo from the top left corner and click File --> Open.
  • Type in and click OK.


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