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I purchased RealPlayer Plus back in 2008 for a one time fee of $39.99, my account number is 0219103775, when I try to sign in I get back this account doesn't exist. I realize that my purchase was a really long time ago however I did purchase it with the one time fee. Please advise.

Thank You

Teresa OBrien

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When you originally purchased RealPlayer Plus, you purchased version RealPlayer SP, which was a one-time charge. With that purchase, you received updates and support of that version for no additional fees or hidden charges. As RealNetworks makes new products available to customers, it is not possible to continue supporting legacy and historic products, including : RealPlayer 15, 14, SP and 11 (for Windows), 10.5 and 10 (Windows and Mac).

In this case, we always recommend using our most current version, which you can download here. The most current version is RealPlayer with RealTimes, available for customers on Windows 7 and higher (or Mac OS X 10.10 and higher).

Our most recent version, RealTimes saves all your photos and videos from various devices for easy viewing and sharing. It also uses them to create great little videos, that we call Stories, to help bring your memories to life.

In the new RealTimes the plus features are available with a Premium or Unlimited subscription or RealPlayer Plus 18. A subscription unlocks many more features than just the Plus features!

See what's new in RealTimes:

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