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Shortened uploads

It's happening again. I upload videos that might should run either 30 minutes or 90 minutes - the result is the same-- a video that plays for 4 minutes or sometimes 6 minutes then comes to a sudden end.

This happened in the past but somehow got resolved. Now it's happening again.

Thinking maybe I did something wrong, I deleted then uploaded the same videos again with the same result.

What's going on??  Anyone have a solution? 

I'm about to unsubscribe. This is not worth the money if I can't use it.

Madeleine Nist

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The videos play just fine on my laptop without being uploaded.

But when I login on the Real web site, and try to play an uploaded video I get a banner across the screen that says "Your video is being processed. Please try again shortly"  Days later I will get the same message.

I get the same message when I try to watch a video on my TV. Other videos may show up but play for only 4 or 6 minutes before abruptly cutting off.

This has happened to me a lot over the past year and I kind of put up with it, but now I'm done with it. There are so many streaming services online that are more reliable than realplayer. 

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