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Trimmed video says it forwards but doesn't apparently

I trimmed part of a video last Friday (8-2), forwarded it to my gmail account, and it sent fine and was received.

Yesterday, 8-4, I trimmed another video, forwarded it to my gmail account, it showed it had been sent on its way, but the my gmail account did not and still doesn't receive it, though the RealPlayer indicates it is forwarded and does not indicate any issue.  I tried re-sending the clip which was successful on Friday, and it was again received by my gmail without issue.  And, other videos I have saved will not send either, only the one clip I did on Friday.  I subscribed to "Pus" on 8-2 by the way.

I'm interested in a solution for this and look forward to hearing back.  I welcome any addition questions.

Rick Hutchins

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Can you please forward the email received to your gmail account after sharing the video to We will be able to investigate more. 

Our systems don't allow sharing of videos to an email address associated to the actual RealTimes/RealPlayer account. 

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