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downloader usurping CPU cycles

Sooooooo, when are you going to fix this most annoying issue?!?!?! In my younger (Professional) days I 'did time' on a Help Desk. I am one of those customers who has the ability to escalate when I get incomplete answers to my inquiry! 

What is downloader's purpose and

why is it usurping CPU cycles

while doing nothing useful for me!

Your 'fix' was temporary lasting maybe several minutes. 

Peter Frosio

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Your issue has already been forwarded to our engineering department. This issue is not happening on all types of PCs. Only certain PC configurations run into this problem. They are investigating the issue and have not been able to reproduce the error so far to ascertain the root cause.

In the meanwhile, if you wish we can refund your purchase. You can purchase RealPlayer again when the issue is resolved. Please let us know.

You will receive an email as soon as this has been fixed.

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'Customer Support' seems to be unable or unwilling to answer my questions and therefore the responses are inadequate!

1. Give me the name/address of "Engineering Department" as they may be able to answer my questions. 

2. I have begun to narrow down the issue and I have information that may be helpful.

3. Why do you think that 'refunding' is  a solution?

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