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is no video to download

Hello dear Real community;

It`s time again to ask you for help unfortunately for the same issue after updating the new version of my real player premium software which I`m using.

I need your help and unfortunately, I have to say that it bothers me slowly that I have to face the same challenge every time!

From time to time I receive notification that the update is available and every time I click on it and download it completely (old version is automatically removed) the new version app at youtube appears and asks if I want to download and I press yes but 100% comes There is no video to download !!!

This happened the last time as well until one of your specialists helped me with a link which I have to ask again. because as I go by your step by step solution this time even restart completely my laptop it just doesn`t work!!!

I do not dare to use an updated offer more if it always demands the same challenges.

Kind regards


Jahan Gooya

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