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Error Codes

I getting an error code message, Cert_Auth_Failed  I have upgraded to Premium with a clean install, still the same message.  I can see where I have upgraded and can not get pass the error message.  

Leslie Hendershot

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We have escalated this to our product team. They will look into it and we will email you as soon as it is resolved.

Real CS
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Real player tells me it needs something new to burn dvds but it won't finish the download.  It shows the error message above and stops, telling me there's something wrong with my computer's day and time.  But there's nothing wrong.  Recently it asked me to update to a newer version, and every time I've been asked to do so in the past something gets screwed up.  It should say I have reap player plus, but it doesn't say that anymore.  What's up?  And how can I fix it?

Daryl Hanson 0 votes
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