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Realplayer Realtimes

All of a sudden I keep getting unable to download. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times. I have restarted my computer 3 times. I have made sure Real times is enabled. I have changed the video destination. Still getting unable to download. It is extremely frustrating not being able to get support by chat or by phone to find a way to fix my problem quickly. Instead have to send an email and wait. I rate your support non existent. Very, very dissatisfied and disgruntled! 

I need to know how to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Bruce Hecker

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We have noticed that YouTube is blocking videos from being downloaded at certain (random) times. There are other video hosting websites where you can still download videos from which suggests that the Downloader is still working and not broken.

We don't control websites hosting videos so there is very little we can do to force our Downloader to download videos. We will continue to investigate if there are other ways to download videos from these popular websites but at this time our only request is to be patient so these websites allow videos to be downloaded again.

However, if you are unable to download videos from a different website, please copy and paste the website address (URL) of the video that you are unable to download.

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