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Problems trying to download facebook videos

I been trying to download facebook videos but It doesn´t.

I restart de downloder button and is the same.

Facebook can block to download videos on a specifc page or it the page manager?

I apreciate ypur kind help.



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Could be the folks who put up the video want to keep it "private" so you can't download it unless you have their pin number.  I just video it (if it's not real long) with my cell phone which then goes into my icloud account so I can access it that way.

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Try opening the facebook video on a separate page and try to download. Alternately, try using Internet Explorer to see if you are able to download the video.

Lastly, can you please follow these steps?

1. Open Internet Options from the search window.
2. Under General Tab, click Settings in Browsing History and click View Files. (This will open a folder with a lot of files. Select all and delete them).
3. Close Internet Options by clicking Ok.
4. Using Chrome, Firefox or Edge, go to and play any video and click the Downloader button. (This action will still show "Unable to download" message)
5. Close all Windows
6. Restart your PC

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