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What is the difference between download video & download playlist

1. I do not understand the difference between download video & download playlist, and can I download multiple videos (in a batch) without doing them individually.

2. What does it mean 69% of 3 gig used when I right click on the hidden icon on the taskbar in windows 10?

This for realplayer 18

Ron Abramson

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Websites such as YouTube have playlists. With a paid version of RealPlayer, you can download these playlists without having to download individual videos within this playlist.

With RealPlayer Plus, you get 1GB of Cloud storage. It is possible, you might have received 2 additional GB when we had some offer in the past. Your account current shows that you have 3GB of Cloud storage and you have uploaded 2.1GB of files to the Cloud. This is what it means by 69% of 3 GB used.


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