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RealPlayer Home Page

Each time I open the home page from the realplayer icon it takes forever to open, and when it does it still takes forever to change pages on a site when you want it to. I have tried it on a few other computers that have RealPlyaer and it does this to them also. Is there something I need to do to speed up the process so the pages open normally. 

I also have tried it on a few different servers, one which had 2G for speed, still does it. It is getting annoying. Please help

Erich Beck

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When you say RealPlayer home page, are you talking about or the Web Videos tab within RealPlayer?

If the latter, please follow these steps.

1. Open Internet Options from the search window.
2. Under General Tab, click Delete in Browsing History and follow prompts.
3. Close Internet Options.


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