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trouble downloading cloud files

I am using the tool and it only loads a few files then quits.  I tried deleting cookies and still the same thing.  I have 3100 files and at this rate it will take a couple of months to save my files to my back up drive.  I am using chrome, dell desktop, and windows 10.

Any help would be appreciated.

Jim Kish

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There are many factors that can cause this to happen. An unstable or bad internet connection could be one of the factors. Can you please make sure you don't have this problem.

In the meanwhile, can you please go to your temp folder by typing %temp% in a folder address bar and delete the contents. Please make sure you are doing this correctly. Be aware that doing this incorrectly could cause more problems.

Please see screenshot below.

Once you think the files here are deleted, restart your PC and try again. You may not be able to delete some files here. Simply ignore those and delete as many as possible.

If the issue persists, please let us know.

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