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RP 18 Video Playlists

I recently upgraded from RP Cloud (v17.?) to RP 18.?.  There are several things just barely acceptable and one thing absolutely unacceptable.

There's just barely a Playlist function for videos, and it sucks.  I have 138 videos in 11 playlists, and it looks like I'd have to re-build those playlists from scratch.  So, is there some way to make this Playlist thing work without starting over--just use what I have now?  In the meantime, I restored a system image containing RP 17.

Also, what's the difference between RP 17 and 2020?  And does 2020 have a video Playlist function that will use my current playlists?

Finally, I started using RP back in the olden days when there was actually customer service.  Now, nothing as far as I can tell, just this forum.

Van Prince

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Our RealPlayer is designed to automatically keep your playlists intact when you are upgrading from an older version of RealPlayer to the newer version of RealPlayer. Upgrading to a newer version from RealPlayer's Preferences "Check for updates" will retain your Playlists.

We are not sure how you upgraded to RealPlayer v.18 from v.17. If you did, the way we mention, your playlists should stay intact. That being said, if you have changed PCs or moved your files from the original location when the playlists were created, the playlists need to be recreated.

When a playlist is created, it basically adds the path of the video or the audio file. Therefore, if you moved the actual location of the file, the playlist is broken. This is how Playlists work.

Again, if you are using RP17 and doing the "Check for updates" from Preferences to upgrade to RP2020, your plalists will stay intact as long as you have not changed PCs, hard disk or moved files around.

Lastly, we don't offer phone support anymore. We offer support via forums and offer email support for any billing issues. 

Please let us know if you have additional questions.

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Thanks for responding.

  1. I check for updates by clicking on the realPlayer CLOUD button in the top left corner of the panel, then clicking on "Check for Update."  Should I do it some other way, and why should it make a difference?  Doing that results in RealTimes v18 being offered.
  1. I haven't moved anything around, and nothing has changed or been 'customized.' I assure you on RealTimes (v. 18) there is no reference to video playlists, only music playlists, which I never set up.
  1. You didn't answer my question about what 2020 is compared to anything else.
  1. Finally, I can't find any way to log in except by clicking on something to leave a post. Also, I don't see any way to log off except by closing the browser.
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