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(Using RealDownloader Version

Suggestion #1:

Re: the option feature "Download playlist from a web link", since I can't create a web page, how about instead allowing the user to specify a WordPad RTF file containing a "stack" of Youtube URLs and the option as to how many of them to download at a time.

My ISP is HughesNet Satellite, which throttles my Download speed to insanely slow rates. Having a stack would allow efficient unmonitored downloading to avoid repetitive submission of URLs.


Suggestion #2:

Since RealPlayer does not provide Closed Captioning for Youtube videos that have captioning, allow RealDownloader to capture the captioning and make it available on RealPlayer.



On web page(s), I don't see a page that offers users or potential users a -detailed description- of all's software. For instance, are there other versions of RealDownloader (a pro version, for example) or of  RealPllayer and are they for Desktops as well as for Tablets? Good chance for some promotional advertising. I've looked for it, but haven't found it. If I missed it, somebody please point out where it is to be found. Thanks.



Wayne Moseley

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