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Saving videos and burninging them

With the version I have, am I limited to how many videos I can save to my hard drive? It seems like I keep losing videos from my library.


Also I cannot figure out how to transfer a video on to a flash drive to share with a friend.

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Hi, I can't help you with the first statement however I can help with how to copy a file to a flash drive. There are several steps. 

1.  Open Real play video library where your files are keep.

2   Go to the video you want to copy to the flash drive 

3.  Insert your flash drive into your computer

4.  Next go to the file/video you want to copy and put your cursor on the file 

     Right Click on it 

5.  A MEMU file opens go to LOCATE FILE  and Left click on that line

6.  Your videos panel opens but the one you want is highlighted

7.  Right click on that video another MEMU opens 

8.  Go to SEND TO and put your cursor on that line another Memu opens 

9.  Find your flash drive location from the list and select it. 

10.  Your video file should copy to your flash drive. 

I hope this help 

Freddie P  

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There are no such limitations with our downloader. The only limitation you would have is available space on your hard disk. If you've run out of hard disk space, you won't be able to download more videos.

By default, all downloaded videos are stored in PC's hard disk and usually in the Videos folder. You can look for the videos there.

As mentioned above, all your files are stored in your hard disk. Here are some instructions on how you can transfer files from your hard disk to your flash drive.


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