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I purchased Real Player Plus several years ago, which enabled me to download and burn videos to DVD.  I have a new computer, and I downloaded baskc Real Player, but do I have to pay again for the upgrade?  How can I continue to use the Real Player Plus that I had paid for earlier?  Also, my email address has changed from to  Thank you


Thomas Higgerson

Thomas Higgerson

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Our system shows that your yearly subscription was cancelled due to non payment of the yearly fees. We sent you multiple emails requesting you to update the credit card. Failing to do so, cancelled your subscription. In addition,  please note that, older versions are not available in our system, and we are no longer supporting RealPlayer 16 and any version before that.

As RealNetworks makes new products available to customers, it's not possible for us to continue supporting older products.

We are now offering RealPlayer 2020. This is the latest version of RealPlayer with many additional features. To access the Premium features of RealPlayer 2020 will require a new purchase, because this is a new product. However, since you purchased RealPlayer before, I would like to offer you a discount to purchase the latest version.

And to benefit from this special offer, please, click on the link below:

If you have additional questions, please let us know

Lastly, you can use your new email address to create a new account.

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