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safrscan unable to start


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  • Real CS

    Errors can happen for various reasons. The following are some of the reasons:

    • Bugs in the program
    • Improper installation 
    • Conflicts with Windows
    • Conflicts with other programs installed
    • Corrupted files
    • Virus affected computers

    If there are bugs in the program, we strive to fix them as quick as possible and also provide updates on our help sections so others can see. 

    That said, we don't have bugs with SAFRSCAN at this moment so it could be some other reason for the errors you are seeing. In addition, the version number you mention is a previous version. We do update the program from time to time with any bug fixes, product features etc. The latest version in

    The best solution is to update it by following these instructions.

    If the issue persists, the only other option is to reinstall RealPlayer. 



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