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Burning music playlist to disk realplayer does not recognize that I inserted a blank disk


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  • Real CS

    Do you have multiple DVD drives? If yes, you will need to change the DVD/CD Drive in RealPlayer's Preferences. You can do so by following these instructions.

    • Open RealPlayer.
    • Click the RealPlayer logo on the top left corner and click Preferences.
    • Expand CD and click CD Burner.
    • Change your CD Drive.
    • Click OK and restart RealPlayer

    If you have only 1 CD/DVD drive, please follow these steps.

    • Insert your blank disk
    • Go To My PC and double click your CD/DVD Drive.
    • If Windows says no disk in spite of you having inserted one, it means that you have a hardware failure. 

    Please note: If Windows is not able to detect the disk, RealPlayer also won't be able to detect. Please contact your PC Manufacturer to fix your DVD/CD drive.


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