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Problem playing movies with realplayer 20



  • RN Support

    If you are having this issue with all videos, it might be your speaker that is causing this problem. To test if the issue is with RealPlayer or your speakers, try playing the same video with a different media player like Windows Media Player and see the outcome. If you hear it the same way, then it is your speakers that is causing the problem.

  • William Kutik

    RN-Support Thanks. Doesn't happen with all movies. Will try MSFT viewer. The labels on all the tools and other adjustments in RealPlayer are for audio engineers. Greek to me. Can you tell me how to lower the bass with one of them? That would certainly help. I don't suppose the music and words are in separate stereo tracks. Too cool if I could just lower the music volume, if you can point me to it.

  • William Kutik

    RN-Support Right you are. Switched to the large speaker on my X1 4000k monitor, and the problem disappeared. Going shopping without brand loyalty. Thanks.


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