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downloading Videos was is FLV format now MPEG4 format now cant view any videos

Have been using Realplayer for several years now and have updated in the last month. All videos downloaded by previous versions were in FLV format but now all videos downloaded with the new Version are in MPEG4 format and when I want to replay them I get a blank black screen. I do get the name of the file I want and the run time but nothing else. Who can I set the default file spec back to FLV format.

Also I use a Realplayer version at my workshop (Windows 7) and that will not play the new MPEG4 files but will play the old FLV files.

Please Reply soonest as the video information is needed at my workshop.


If Necessary I will have to look for another down loader and player. for my files'




Nigel Read





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Please follow the instructions from the link below to resolve the issue:


If the issue is not resolved, please re-install RealPlayer as described below:

1- Please do not install RealPlayer at this stage, just follow this steps to remove RealPlayer and delete the application folders. You will install RealPlayer when you reach the line number 2.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you delete the application folders as described here:

2- Restart your computer and install RealPlayer by clicking here:

3- Sign in to RealPlayer. Here is how to do it:

4- Try to download your videos. If the Download This Video does not appear, please follow the instructions from the link below:

 Unfortunately, we no longer support RealPlayer 16.

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