RealPlayer 20/20 Preferences

How do I configure RealPlayer?

RealPlayer can be configured by going to Preferences.

  • 1. Open RealPlayer.
  • 2. Click RealPlayer logo from the top left corner.
  • 3. Click Preferences

Important Categories to configure:

  1. Library & Device Sharing
  2. Stories
  3. People Search
  4. CD/DVD

Library & Device Sharing

Preferences: Library & Device Sharing

Device Sharing


These preferences let you customize how you would like to setup your network access.

Private (Only allow connections signed into my RealTimes Account)

Any device signed in with the same account will have access to the content across all devices within the network.

Public (Allow any RealTimes to connect)

Any device having a RealTimes account will have access to the content within the network.


No devices will have access to content.


Watch Folders


These preferences let you customize how you organize your saved and recorded media files. You can add folders and remove folders.

Note: Removing folders will not delete your files.



These preferences lets RealPlayer suggest Stories.

Note: If you want to disable RealPlayer to suggest Stories, uncheck Suggested Stories

People Search


These preferences let you customize how you organize you want to RealPlayer to identify people in your library.

Indexing Options: These preferences will index your videos for the People Search feature.

Index existing and any new videos in my RealPlayer library

All of your videos in your RealPlayer library will be scanned/indexed

Only index videos downloaded by RealDownloader

Only videos that you download using RealDownloader will be scanned/indexed

Only index the videos that I choose

Only your videos that you choose will be scanned/indexed

Do not index any of my videos

People search will be disabled

Remove All People Data: This will remove all the indexed data from your RealPlayer library. This will not show any people’s pictures under People Search.

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