Celebrity Database Collection


Thank you for your interest in providing feedback for our People Search feature!

People Search feature attempts to recognize and identify famous people in your video library. However, sometimes we get it wrong. That is where your feedback can be very useful.

Whenever the People Search feature fails to match to a celebrity, or matches to the wrong celebrity, you can provide feedback to us so we can attempt to fix the mistake in our database.

When you submit People Search feedback, the RealPlayer will share the following information with the RealPlayer team:

  • A cropped image of the face for which you are providing feedback
    • The image will show only the face, and you can preview exactly what the image is in the feedback dialog
  • The id assigned to the celebrity that RealPlayer mismatched (if any)
  • Your suggestion of who RealPlayer should have matched to
  • Device ID
  • User ID
  • Version number of the celeb database installed

We request that you only use this feature to provide feedback on famous people.

Please review our Terms of Service located at, particularly the License to Your Feedback section to understand how we may use your feedback. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments about this feature by reaching us at


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