Supported file types in RealTimes and RealPlayer

What types of files can RealTimes and RealPlayer play?

Our software can play any type of media that your computer is set up to play, including audio, video, and streaming media formats. Just drag and drop them into, or open them with, the RealTimes/RealPlayer desktop player.

It can also play many other common formats if the appropriate software is installed on your computer. In addition, the PlayPack that comes with RealTimes and RealPlayer Plus 16 contains the software required to play .webm, .mkv, .vob, and .divx files. For more information, read the Media Types article.

To view the current file types that your version can play and which it plays by default:
1. Click the RealTimes or RealPlayer logo, then Preferences.
2. Expand the Content area and select Media Types.
3. Click the dot next to "Manually configure media types for RealPlayer".
3. Click the Select button.

The checked boxes are types that the program plays by default.

For it to play other file types, you'll need to install the appropriate codecs (software); click here for instructions.

Note: Certain .vob files cannot be played on computers using Windows XP, and can make RealPlayer unresponsive. This is an issue with Windows that has been fixed in Windows Vista and later.

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